About us

Brest Stocking Mill is one of the oldest light industry enterprises in Belarus.

The enterprise specializes in the production of hosiery and underwear knitwear. The current range of the enterprise's products is represented by the trademarks «Брестские» (men's, women's and children's socks), «DeaMia» (women's tights, women's underwear knitwear), «ALFA» (men's underwear knitwear).

It can be said that the factory continues the traditions of the first hosiery manufactory in Belarus, which was opened in Brest in the early 80s of the XVIII century (that is about 250 years ago!). The construction of the factory was started in 1965. The production with the designed capacity of 30 million pairs of pantyhose and socks and 1200 tons of textured elastic capron thread was put into operation in 1968.

Brest Stocking Mill, 1973

In March 1994, the enterprise changed its organizational and legal form, becoming an open joint-stock company.

In 2013, the group of companies «Conte» increased its share in the authorized capital Brest Stocking Mill to the controlling one, and after some more time, in October 2014, it became the sole majority shareholder.

Brest Stocking Mill, 2019

Currently, by the efforts of the labor collective, the number of which exceeds 1000 people, Brest Stocking Mill annually produces more than 25 million pairs of hosiery and about a million units of underwear knitwear.

Half of the products are sold in the domestic market of Belarus, including through its own branded stores, united in the «Брестские» chain. Today this chain includes more than 100 objects in 30 largest cities of the country.