The main trademark of Brest Stocking Mill. 

TM "Брестские" brandes hosiery products made of natural fibers: cotton, bamboo, linen, wool, viscose. "Брестские" products are socks, tights, leggings, stockings, dungarees, gaiters for women; socks, knee socks, culottes for men; socks, tights, leggings, dungarees for children. 

The annual volume of "Брестские" products exceeds 25 million pairs. The model range of hosiery is represented by more than 200 articles for all seasons.

Along with realization of products under ТМ "Брестские", the company develops its own retail chain under the same name in Belarus.

The trademark under which Brest Stocking Mill produces women's underwear knitwear, represented by pajamas in different variations of sets, underwear, tops, T-shirts, shirts in basic monochrome colors and in models with prints. 

Another category of products manufactured under this brand are women's polyamide products (socks, half-stockings, tights, among which there is a series for pregnant women). "DEA MIA" is also a line of warm products: leggings made of cotton; tights made of bamboo, cashmere, wool, cotton with a density of up to 600 DEN.

Trademark, which presents men's underwear knitwear: pajamas, shorts, T-shirts, shirts produced both in solid colors and with prints. 

The assortment of this trademark is expanded annually, following modern trends and customer demand.

The annual production volume of men's and women's knitwear is about one million products.

Products of all brands are sold in many retail outlets in Belarus, but they are most widely represented in the retail chain "Брестские". The addresses of Брестские stores can be easily found on the website.