TOP 10 GIFTS FOR THE NEW YEAR from brand chain «Брестские»

Published: 30/11/2023

op 10 gifts for the new year from Brest stocking mill and «Брестские» brand chain.

New Year is approaching - the most magical and joyful time of the year, when each of us strives to give something special to our nearest and dearest people. And for those who want to make this holiday unforgettable and original, Brest Stocking Mill is ready to offer its collection of exclusive gifts, which can be found in «Брестские» stores.

We have collected for you TOP-10 gifts that match the festive atmosphere and will be a great addition to any New Year celebration. After all, in our assortment you can find not only traditional New Year socks for the whole family, but also many other unique gifts that will delight your loved ones.

1. New Year's Socks in pouches are interesting novelty of this season, which will help to create an atmosphere of magic during holiday events or will be a wonderful gift for loved ones. Inside each pouch is unisex socks in one of three festive designs, which repeat the pattern of the pouch itself. Already available in all «Брестские» stores!


2. «Family Look» New Year collections are collections of cozy and stylish socks created especially for family photo shoots and celebrations. Our collections add a touch of festivity and uniqueness to the look of each family member.


3. Socks for the whole family on the motives of kind cartoons «Простоквашино», «Котенок ГАВ» - bright and comfortable, with images of favorite characters, will be a real joy for children and adults, especially before the New Year holidays. Very soon there will be new products based on other wonderful cartoons.



4. Unisex collection "Money Funny" is a unique choice of stylish and fashionable socks, which will undoubtedly become a symbol of wealth and good luck in the coming year. A wonderful gift for your relatives and friends!


5. " Vinoteka" - another collection of unisex socks, where each design is a great addition to a gift for adults. Stylish and sophisticated socks with themed designs will add zest to any look!

6. Box in the form of socks - a novelty that can become not only an original and convenient package, but also a stylish accessory for storing pleasant little things. Thanks to its unique design, it will add originality to your interior, and together with specially selected socks inside it will become a pleasant surprise that will delight your family and friends.

7. The collection of socks with inscriptions in belarusian language will be continued in December! For real connoisseurs and lovers to complete their look with a "talking" accessory.


8. Do you like board games? Then our socks in the style of "Uno" and "Poker" are a great option for you and your friends. And in the coming year there will be no less interesting continuation of the «gaming» line. 


9. Socks in envelopes - the very gift filled with New Year's atmosphere and expectation of miracles.     


11. How without new cozy pajamas on a winter evening! For our customers we have prepared a novelty with a favorite plaid, which will perfectly complement home rest with its comfort. In December - in all «Брестские» stores.

And this is not all that can be found in our stores.

So, if you want to please your loved ones and your friends, take a look into «Брестские» stores and choose something special. Let yourself and your loved ones plunge into the atmosphere of magic and miracles of the upcoming New Year, bring joy and warmth together with «Брестские» stores!


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