Novelties of «Mova» collection are already in «Брестские» stores

Published: 30/01/2024


«Mova» collection is a series of unisex socks with inscriptions in the Belarusian language, which are already so loved by our customers.

Among this year's novelties are socks with inscriptions: «Увага! Дзякуй за ўвагу», «Шкарпэткі», «Цырк на дроце», «Абое рабое», «Чакай, хутка буду»  and others, which will complement any image with a bright accent, making it original.




The updated collection includes socks with inscriptions: «Зроблена ў Беларусі» and «Брэст» - a proud statement of quality! 



  All new products can already be found in «Брестские» stores 

Add some humor and playfulness to your everyday style with the collection «Mova» from Brest Stocking Mill!