New MONEY FUNNY themed collection

Published: 31/07/2023

Fashion is constantly evolving, but people's interests and aspirations have remained unchanged for millennia. Success, luck, and prosperity remain an enduring value for people. For more than 25 centuries, money has been one of the main symbols of material well-being. Today, their diversity is impressive. Along with metal and paper, electronic, digital and virtual have become of great importance. The fashion for money does not pass, but only acquires new forms.

Symbols of money and wealth surround us everywhere. The designers of the Brest Hosiery Factory also took a step in this direction, which resulted in a "money" collection of socks called MoneyFunny.

What interesting things did we find in it?

1. Unusual design.

The MoneyFunny collection is a combination of financial symbols, simplified images of banknotes and funny elements and inscriptions. Designer color solutions are aimed at making each pair of socks look bright and attractive.

2. Symbolism "attracting" material well-being and success.

The "golden" thread, symbols, characters and inscriptions – everything is aimed at ensuring that the owner of "money" socks walks through life confidently and comfortably.

3. Humor and personality.

MoneyFunny is rather not about socks, but about individuality and a positive perception of the world. Socks of this series, of course, do not guarantee wealth for their owner. But what will cheer him up and those around him – 100%.

4. Quality.

MoneyFunny remain "Brest" socks, therefore they are guaranteed to provide their owner with convenience and comfort. The quality of Brest is the cornerstone of our business.

And what interesting MoneyFunny collection will be for you?