Soyuzmultfilm: a new collection for the whole family

Published: 27/09/2023

We are pleased to present you a new collection of socks for the whole family, with characters from the most popular cartoons of the «Soyuzmultfilm» collection, which will open the door to the magical world of childhood.

The collection includes socks of different sizes and designs so that every member of the family can find something special for themselves. Children will be delighted with socks with images of their favorite characters, which practically come to life on the child's feet.

For teenagers and adults - bright and high-quality drawings, which allow not only to preserve the spirit of cartoons, but also to express their individuality and uniqueness.

Special attention was paid to the quality and comfort of socks. We use only high quality materials that ensure the durability and softness of the products. No matter how active your family is, our socks will last a long time and will be pleasant to the touch.

The collection of socks by Brest Stocking Mill based on the golden collection "Soyuzmultfilm" is not only new fashion accessories, but also an opportunity to get a retro feeling, remember your childhood and share it with your loved ones. You can use our socks not only for everyday use, but also for thematic events or gifts for holidays.

You can already buy a new collection of socks in our retail network "Брестские".  The first novelties are socks with the characters of the popular and all-time favorite cartoon "Prostokvashino". 

Join the world of "Soyuzmultfilm" together with Brest Stocking Mill