About company

Open Joint Stock Company “Brest Stocking Mill” is one of the largest companies of light industry, which specializes in hosiery production for all sexual, age and social groups of population. The assortment of the company can satisfy the most refined taste of any customer. The model line is presented by more than 200 articles for all seasons.


“Brest Stocking Mill” began its history on the base of decree № 11p by the National Economy Soviet of BSSR dd. 07.01.65 “About the organization of the board of directors of the building company –stocking factory with elastic yarn department in Brest”.

According to Order № 114 of the Ministry of Light Industry of BSSR dd. 30.04.69 Brest Stocking Factory was renamed into Brest Stocking Mill.


The building of the mill was begun in 1965. The mill was put into operation in 1968 with rated capacity of 30 million of pairs and 1200 tons of textured kapron yarn “elastic”. For the first time in the country the company, consisting of two manufactures: twisting and knitting, was built. Its structure included 4 main and 8 auxiliary departments, refrigerating and compressor stations, store-houses and other units, situated at the territory of 5,8 hectare.


Since the 16th of March, 1994, the company acquired the status of open joint stock company with the part of property of natural persons – 81, 5 %, state property –18, 5 %.

In 2013 the owner of OJSC «Brest Stocking Mill» was changed. The share in the authorized capital was increased up to controlling by Join Limited Liability Company “Conte Spa”. After some time, in October 2014, JLLC “Conte Spa” acquired state-owned block of shares (19,39%).

At present, the production capacity of the mill is more than 20 million pairs.

The equipment is presented by circular knitting machines made in Russia, Czechia, Italy. For sewing automatic lines made in Japan, sewing machines by well-known firms of Italy and Germany are used. The peculiarity of the company is the presence of modern equipment for dyeing of yarn and articles and their boarding in the dyeing – boarding department.

Due to the application of traditional technological processes and introduction of progressive methods of articles treatment into the process of manufacturing, the production of OJSC «Brest Stocking Mill» is in popular demand both at home and foreign markets, it is exported in the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, the Ukraine and Moldavia. High discipline of deliveries will give the customers of the production the possibility to purchase hosiery of high quality at any time and with the shortest possible delay.